Classic Range - for vintage & classic vehicles

With today’s advances in modern motoring our heritage is quite often forgotten or neglected when it comes to replacement parts. Vehicles of the past not only played a vital role in shaping present day transport, but continue to contribute towards future design. Here at Racing Lines we are as passionate about the past as we are the future and as such we have strived to develop a range catering specifically for classic and vintage vehicles.

To ensure these marvellous machines continue to grace our roads and live on for future generations we have hand picked a range of fittings, lines, tools and accessories to form our exclusive Classic series; catering for all aspects of fluid transfer and accurately reflecting the age of your vehicle. Furthermore we operate a tailored production unit dedicated to producing one off custom hoses for vehicles with specific requirements.

Our Classic range is primarily constructed from period correct materials, lines and fittings, but utilizing today’s modern manufacturing techniques offering the best of old and new.

Just some of the products and services we offer for Classic vehicles are:

• Samco Sport Classic Black Silicone Replacement Hose Kits.
• Bespoke Brake, Fuel, Oil & Coolant Line Manufacture.
• Large Range Of Period Correct Rubber Hose For Use With All Fluid Types.
• Copper Brake Lines.
• Period Correct Fittings.
• Oil Cooler Replacement Kits.
• Air Filters & Cleaners
• Oil Catch Tanks & Complete Kits
• Fuel Pumps


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