200 & 210 series - for fast road & motorsport

Designed for motorsport and fast road use, our 200 & 210 series are perhaps the most widely used range of lines and fittings. Our "200 series" hose is constructed with a integral stainless steel reinforced CPE synthetic rubber with hi-tensile stainless steel outer braid boasting invaluable protection against high pressure, temperature, chaffing and fire risks. With its CPE synthetic inner rubber lining our hose is compatible with all synthetic lubricants, oils, fuels and coolants (including methanol and nitromethane) and yields excellent resistance against ageing and aggressive medias. "210 Series" is produced in a similar way to "200 series" however the outer covering is replaced with a nylon braid making the hose marginally more flexible. When locating fuel or oil lines inside any vehicle cabin we recommend our "T9 Range" of braided hose, which is produced with a PTFE inner lining. For more information regarding our "T9 Series" please click here!

Racing Lines "200 series" lightweight aluminium fittings are precisely engineered for reliability and optimum flow and are available in a vast range of sizes, to cover the majority of today’s performance needs. All 200 fittings are re-usable and exceptionally versatile thanks to their swivel design which allows for a multitude of angles. The aluminium range includes; straights; 45°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°, adapters, sensor adapters, banjos, banjo bolts and hose end finishers to name just a few.

Additionally we offer a wide range of accessories to compliment our "200 Series" including; fireguard, protective sleeve, mounting brackets and fuel rail systems all of which can be viewed in our store.



Fuel, Oil, Coolants, Engine Vapours, water and methanol.

Fuel Systems, Dry Sump Systems, Oil Breather Lines, Oil feed Lines, Catch Tank Lines and Water Lines.


Operating Temperatures

Min -46°C (51°F) to a maximum of 150°C (302°F)

Working Pressure

  • -4 - 1000 psi
  • -6 - 1000 psi
  • -8 - 1000 psi
  • -10 - 750 psi
  • -12 - 750 psi
  • -16 - 750 psi

Available Sizes

  • -4 (5.56mm / 0.219")
  • -6 (8.73mm / 0.344")
  • -8 (11.2mm / 0.438")
  • -10 (14.27mm / 0.562")
  • -12 (17.47mm / 0.688")
  • -16 (22.22mm / 0.875")


A lightweight but strong range of hoses, offering optimum fluid flow and maximum directional versatility with a wide spectrum of available sizes. Hoses can easily be constructed with the appropriate sized spanners offering an easy solution for those who wish to build their own lines.


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