Racinglines Turbo Feed Oil Filter Kit


Turbos are a valuable and costly addition to any performance engine build. The turbo relies on a constant oil feed from the engine to keep the inner core bearings lubricated and within operating temperatures.

An area often overlooked (and subject to damaging consequences) is when swarf or debris has contaminated the engine oil and is passed through the core of the turbo. The turbo spins at such a rate that should foreign particles travel through the bearings they can quickly cause excessive wear. Should wear occur the shaft of the impeller blade can then suffer with excessive movement which, in worst cases can cause the individual impeller blades to fracture or snap potentially being sucked into the engine with devastating consequences.

Our in line oil filter helps to prevent unwanted particles travelling through your turbos oil system. With a range of gauze filters in various micron size our in line filters are suitable for a range of applications.

Included in the kit are the following components:

• AN4 (1/4") Male with filter housing
• AN4 (1/4") Male to join main body of the filter housing
• An4 (1/4") Female adapter to accept a male adapter form the main oil feed line.
• X1 30 Micron Filter
• X1 80 Micron Filter
• X1 150 Micron Filter
• X1 Nitrile Rubber O-ring Seal

We can also offer fully assembled turbo oil lines for most applications. If you can't find a kit listed for your vehicle then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss producing a custom oil feed line.

  • £35.88 INC VAT

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