RacingLines Oil Cooler Thermostatic Sandwich Plate Adapter


Our multi angle Thermostatically Controlled Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate Adapter is ideal for vehicles with tight exhaust manifolds or engine space configuration.

With both straight or 45 degree angles available our sandwich plate offers not only flexibility for oil cooler line routing angles, but also allows the addition of up to two separate sensors (oil temperature and oil pressure if required).

Manufactured with a built in thermostat and opening at 82 degrees you can be sure that your oil cooler will only circulate engine oil at the required temperatures, maintaining a healthy balance between engine cooling and temperature efficiency.

Included in the kit are the following components:

• X2 AN dash 8 male adapters (for -8 oil lines).
• X2 AN dash 10 male adapters (for -10 oil lines).
• X2 Sensor adapters (both with 1/8th NPT female) for use with oil temperature and pressure sensors.
• X2 Blanks should you not wish to run oil sensors.

• X1 3/4 UNF M/F Oil filter to block sandwich plate adapter
• X1 M20X1.5 M/F Oil filter to block sandwich plate adapter

  • £132.00 INC VAT

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