Racinglines Billet Oil Catch Tank


Our new range of billet catch tanks feature an aluminium extruded body with removable upper and lower base plate which also incorporates a separate mounting bracket. The mounting bracket can be used at the base or top of the tank is supplied with a second smaller bracket for horizontal and vertical mounting positions.

• Each tank is supplied complete with a fully serviceable sprung loaded internal separator plate. The separation process is further enhanced with a foam insert to catch oil and water mixture as it condenses, aiding the separation process of engine gasses and clean air from within the engine. Foam inserts are available to purchase separately and we recommend they are replaced at least every 6 months (or 3 months for heavily modified vehicles).

• The base of the tank is produced with a AN6 female port which can be used in conjunction with our drain back kit, or alternatively a drain back to sump line.

• On the lid of the tank you will find three ports available for incoming breather lines (each can accept sizes from AN6 through to AN10 with a range of fittings to suit every type of hose available).

• A separate port (also located on the lid) is used to vent gasses to the atmosphere (or alternatively recycle the clean air back into the intake) which is once again available in a range of sizes to suit all hose types.

• Lastly we have included an oil dipstick to conveniently check the level of your catch tank which is more accessible and will not deteriorate when compared to traditional sight tubes.

Supplied as standard:
X1 Dipstick
X2 Foam Inserts
X1 Baffle Plate
X3 AN8 JIC x AN8 ORB Male / Male Adapters
X1 AN10 ORB Male x 19mm Breather Hosetail
X1 AN6 ORB Plug
X1 Catch Tank
X1 Mounting Bracket

  • £250.00 INC VAT

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