Racinglines Performance Oil Cooler Kit - 210 Series Hose


After a great deal of market research and years of experience installing oil coolers we are proud to announce our new universal premium oil cooler kits designed for fast road and motorsport.

When it comes to oil cooler kits there are many aspects to consider before making a purchase, such as:

• What space is available to mount your oil cooler and what size corer would you like to run?
• How easily accessible is your oil filter in order to fit a sandwich plate for your lines?
• What length oil lines will you need to reach from the engine to your oil cooler core?
• Do you want your cooler circuit constantly open (which can lead to excessively long warm up periods resulting in premature engine wear when used as a daily) or is it for a race car where engine oil temperatures are achieved exceptionally fast?
• Would you like the ability to run oil temp or pressure sensors from your oil cooler plate?
• whats the ideal angle you need to run your oil cooler lines from when going away from your engine?

All the above points need to be considered carefully before rushing out to buy your oil cooler kit, after all an external oil cooler has to perform a very important job, carrying oil outside of the engine, cooling it efficiently and then returning it back into the engine block at a lower temperature. Should your core or lines fail at any point the results can be catastrophic, from engine failure to fire risks.

Given the importance of any oil cooler kit we wanted to develop a truly unique kit that offers only the highest performing, quality components. We also felt it was important to offer our customers a wide variety of options on hose line lengths and core sizes to suit a range of applications.Each of our kits is built from the following components:

Racinglines Multiangle Thermostatic Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate

Our multi angle Thermostatically Controlled Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate Adapter is ideal for vehicles with tight exhaust manifold or engine space configuration. With both straight or 45 degree angles available our sandwich plate offers not only flexibility for oil cooler line routing angles, but also allows the addition of up to two separate sensors (oil temperature and oil pressure if required).
Manufactured with a built in thermostat and opening at 82 degrees you can be sure that your oil cooler will only circulate engine oil at the required temperatures, maintaining a healthy balance between engine cooling and temperature efficiency.
Included with the plate are the following components:

• X2 AN dash 8 male adapters (for -8 oil lines).
• X2 AN dash 10 male adapters (for -10 oil lines).
• X2 Sensor adapters (both with 1/8th NPT female) for use with oil temperature and pressure sensors.
• X2 Blanks should you not wish to run oil temperature or pressure sensors.
• X2 Oil filter to block sandwich plate adapters.

Setrab Oil Cooler Core

Founded in 1968 Setrab have been at the forefront of heat exchanger manufacture and design for both high performance and OEM automotive applications.  Supplying many of the worlds leading premium car brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Mercedes and Bentley (to name but a few) they provide high quality, high performing solutions at a competitive cost.
Their ProLine range of oil coolers can be found in all of our oil cooler kits as well as being available to purchase as individual components. 
Produced in a wide variety of sizes we also offer a vast range of available connections to mount into the M22 female connections found at the top of the core.

Racinglines 210 Series Connection Lines & Fittings

Exceptionally reliable and more flexible than 200 Series hose, 210 Series is produced with a CPE inner lining which is then wrapped with a nitrile woven outer braid to offer protection against; high pressure, temperature, light chaffing and fire risks. With a choice of matching fittings for either end of the two lines we offer a convenient fitting solution for every application. 

In addition to the connection lines we also choose to supply them with an extra layer of protection in the form of our black fireproof flame guard sleeve. Developed specifically for automotive use our flame guard is manufactured from "E" glass fibre yarn which is then coated with a high grade black elastomer rubber. Designed to offer continuous protection in operating temperatures ranging from -50°C to +260°C, our sleeve can withstand a molten splash at 1200°C and when exposed to flame the high grade silicone rubber exterior will form a protectvie Si02 refractory layer. 

Available to order in 1, 1.5, and 2 metre lengths, please make your oil cooler size, hose tail ends and line length selection from the boxes below:


  • £132.00 INC VAT

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