R-Line Range - Aramid Fibre System

Our R-Line Aramid Fibre Hose has excellent flow rates because it is manufactured with a smooth bore, which prevents the turbulent fluid flow which occurs in convoluted hoses. 

With it's highly compressed, non-porous PTFE matrix R-Line is more resistant to diffusion of liquids or gases than other PTFE hoses. You also avoid material build-up inside the hosed to the smooth bore which is non-stick.

Our R-Line re-usable lightweight fittings are manufactured from Marine quality 6061 Aluminium featuring a 360 degrees swivel joint. This swept fitting is designed exclusively for our Kevlar braided R-Line Hose. 

As with our 200 series we also offer a wide range of accessories to compliment the R-Line range including: fireguard, protective sleeve, mounting brackets, fuel rail systems and the appropriate tools required for hose assembly.


Fuel, Oil, Coolants, Engine Vapours, Water and Methanol.

Operating Temperatures

Min -150°C (-238°F) to a maximum of 260°C (500°F)

Available Sizes
  • -6 (8.2mm / 0.323")
  • -8 (10.6mm / 0.417")
  • -10 (13.6mm / 0.535")
Minimum Bend Radius
  • -6 (38mm / 1.5")
  • -8 (50mm / 2")
  • -10 (76mm / 3")
Working Pressures
  • -6 (850 psi)
  • -8 (810 psi)
  • -10 (600 psi)

Suitable for any fluid, offering a weight reduction and versatility with a wide spectrum of available sizes. Hoses can easily be constructed with the appropriate sized spanners offering an easy solution for those who wish to build their own lines.


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