T9 Series 120° Alloy Fitting


T9 fittings are designed specifically to work with our PTFE lined T9 hose. Manufactured from aluminium and supplied with a matching brass olive, T9 fittings can easily be assembled with the use of two correctly sized spanners and offer excellent flow dynamics and versatility thank to their smooth bore and swivel design.

PTFE lined hose eliminates fuel vapour, odours and sweat which can escape through conventional nitrile rubber lined hose and is therefore most suited for use inside vehicle cabins. 

Available in a range of sizes from AN-3 to AN-10 and suitable for use with Fuel, Oil, Coolants, Methanol & Water applications T9 fittings are compatible with a wide range of adapters, fittings and accessories.

Racing Lines T9 fittings are generally supplied finished in "polished gloss black" however we also offer the traditional anodised blue and red if preferred.


  • £30.00 INC VAT

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