Peugeot 106 GTI ITG Maxogen Induction Kit


Following years of experience designing induction systems for both rally and touring cars at world championship level, ITG offer a range of purpose designed, car specific induction kits to form the core of a super efficient air induction system.

ITG induction kits use their optimised "maxogen" housings from their renowned range of air filters and are supplied complete with a comprehensive fitting kit.

The Maxogen housing features a radiused induction trumpet feeding from a large diameter primary inlet ducting arranged to collect cool external air. The trumpet design recovers air pressure from air velocity, filling a plenum volume around the large surface area of the Maxogen filter. The radiused outlet of the Maxogen filter connects to a high quality secondary duct to feed clean, high pressure, cool air to the engine. The complete system is amazingly light, outperforming its competitors from every aspect.

The supplied air box sits snug in the engine bay retaining an o.e appearence and will perform far better than a cotton gauze or stainless mesh cone filter or short ram system. The air filter element is removable for cleaning (as with all ITG Maxogen systems and induction kits).


• Designed for Peugeot 106 16V GTI.
• Incorporates a MAXOGEN Carbon or Aluminium Airbox.
• All supporting hardware is included for complete and easy installation.
• Improved air flow feed for increased BHP and more efficient engine combustion.


  • £291.60 INC VAT

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