Nashin N5 6 Pot Brake Kit - 355x32mm


The Nashin “N Series” range of brake kits utilises a Cast Mono Block Caliper which is available in a range of sizes from four to eight pot (for the front brake calipers) and matching disc sizes ranging from 286mm to 430mm in width. There is also the additional option of a one piece or separate disc and bell configuration.


With any brake system strength is always the key to reliable continous stopping power.

Much like Nashins brake discs and rotors, material choice plays a key element to ensuring the perfect Performance Brake Kit. Nashin choose to use T6-6066 as the raw material specification for their caliper body which is far superior in tensile elongation and hardness when compared to T6-6061 (found in many of it’s competitiors brake calipers). Brake calipers produced from 6061 are far more likley to deform due to rapid temperature changes, whilst a Nashin produced caliper has improved durability thanks to the material choice.

The pistons themselves (located in the caliper body whose job it is to place pressure on the mating surface of the brake pad) go through a strict T651 heat treatment process. Once again Nashin use a superior and more costly process to ensure it’s customers receive the very best in braking technology. The entire T651 process takes around seven days to complete compared to the more common T6 process which takes only three days. The benefit of this improved process makes the piston far stronger and resilient to the harsh conditions associated with braking.


Located in the heart of Taiwan, Nashin has been producing brake calipers, kits, discs, rotors and brake pads since 1994. The ethos of the company has always been to produce a well engineered, reliable product but at an affordable price supported with exceptional customer service.

Nashin already hold over a 65% market share of performance brake sales within Taiwan with equally substantial coverage in Japan(made up mostly of either private labelled performance brake kits or through the sale of brake components to other manufacturers).Exporting to over twenty three countries Nashin also supply many private labelled kits and components on a global scale thanks to it’s fast and efficient manufacturing capabilities, quality control and choice of proven raw materials.


Nashin’s quality standards are second to none. From design, development, tooling, casting/forging, machining and assembly, rest assured that each and every Nashin brake and wheel product have been tested to the highest standards. Nashin is ISO9001 certified and TUV compliant and all product is manufactured with the highest quality materials, while passing several critical quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

When manufacturing any braking components it is essential that the chosen raw materials and surface finishes are of the highest quality. Warped brake discs, corrosion, leaking seals and fatigue in the caliper finish can all be signs of poor materials or missed processes. Our raw materials are sourced directly from the best foundries to ensure the highest possible strength and quality.

Included in our range of N-Series brake kits are the following components:

// x1 LH Brake Caliper
// x1 RH Brake Caliper
// x1 LH Caliper Mounting Bracket
// x1 RH Caliper Mounting Bracket
// x1 Bolt Mounting Kit
// x1 Brake Line Set
// x1 Street Sport Brake Pad Set
// x1 LH Solid Brake Disc 
// x1 RH Solid Brake Disc 

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